Jerry Pandelios

Jerry Pandelios

Jerry Pandelios is the owner of Saucon Valley Music and one of the guitar teachers. He has been playing guitar for 28 years and teaching professionally for over 15.

Throughout his life he has studied privately with many different teachers, among them are such well-known players as Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake) and Craig Thatcher (The Craig Thatcher Band).

Jerry has also performed with bands who have opened for Cheap Trick and Fuel and shared the stage with the likes of Greg Smith (Ted Nugent Bassist) and many others.

Jerry has been performing professionally in various original and cover bands for 20 years. Still playing professionally today (Blockhead), he has worked with many talented musicians who were a big influence on him and his playing style. Learning how to read music and playing to large crowds at an early age also prepared him towards his eventual goal of playing professionally.

With years of playing in live bands and hundreds of hours of studio experience, performing mainly rock/blues-oriented material, Jerry brings a lot of talent and experience to each lesson he teaches. He feels no two students are alike and approaches each student with a different long and short-term goal. His love for playing the guitar and his enthusiasm for teaching the guitar are what inspire him into making every guitar session he teaches an important one.

Jerry started playing guitar at the age of 12. He originally wanted to play bass guitar like his childhood idol Gene Simmons of KISS but his mother could not find a Bass teacher in the area. A local music teacher told him to “learn guitar first and you could switch over to Bass in the future.” So that’s what he did but after listening to Ace Frehley and Angus Young he never switched over to bass.

After a few years of lessons and lots and lots of practicing he started jamming with friends after school and on weekends. Eventually, in 11th grade, he had put together his first band with a bunch of local musicians and called them DRY RUN. This newly formed band played for many years locally in clubs and private parties and recorded about 25 original songs.
DRY RUN eventually turned into his next project which was Dirty Blond, an all original Heavy Metal Hairband in the late 1980s and lasted into the mid-nineties.

Dirty Blond was a very popular band in the tri-state area that recorded about 20 original songs and had about 40 total original songs during their run. They produced 3 five-song demo tapes which were shopped to record companies and sold at their shows.

Jerry still performs with several cover bands in the area.

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