Cynthia Vanderlely

Cynthia M. Young head shot

Cynthia Vanderlely was born with a love of horses, music and all things theatrical.  At 5 years old she was fluently reading books about horses and acting out the stories.  She also loved listening to music and decided she wanted to play the violin.  Her parents felt that violins were for boys so they encouraged the piano instead and promptly bought her one and began to search for a teacher for her.  She was able to read music almost immediately.  It soon became apparent that Cynthia was born with Synesthesia, which allows her to see numbers, some letters and all musical notes in color. This gave her the early ability to sight read music fluently.  

She began her music lessons privately studying until she entered college with the late Margaret Kasinger where she quickly became one of Mrs. Kasinger’s elite students performing and being featured in all of her performance programs. 

After college, Cynthia began work in the healthcare field and took time to raise a family and at age 30 began teaching piano lessons privately in order to fund her daughter’s figure skating lessons.  She quickly built that part time business into two music schools in New Jersey where she taught students for over 30 years.  

She recently moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania.  Her New Jersey students have followed into PA, now taking virtual lessons in order not to lose her as their teacher.  Many of her students started lessons with her at ages 3 and 4, and are currently driving, finishing high school or entering into college.  Her students that have left for college regularly return virtually over the summer to refresh lessons with her.  

Cynthia specializes in teaching students to read music and has perfected a program for teaching children as young as 3 and 4.  

Besides playing classical piano, she plays the violin, the guitar and sings and performs in Community Theatre.  She has headlined a number of performances in New Jersey and recently in Pennsylvania at DCP Theatre in Telford, PA and at Langhorne Players in Langhorne, PA.

Cynthia has three grown children, one grandchild, and owns three thoroughbred race horses.  She resides in Kintnersville, PA. 

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