Elliott Hammer

Elliott Hammer started playing piano at age 11. After completing a B.A. in international politics at the University of Richmond, he went back to school to pursue his passion of jazz piano at Bucks County Community College, and studied jazz performance and composition with Jeff Baumeister and Tom Lawton.

After completing the jazz program, Elliott moved to New York City and became active in the local music scene playing in a variety of clubs and venues throughout the city. He quickly became a regular in r&b, neo-soul, and hip hop circles, and a member of the house band at the Funkadelic Studios – Soul Sessions.

In 2019, he moved back to Doylestown for family health reasons and resumed teaching piano at Saucon Valley Music. He continues to compose and perform in the local area. Elliott subscribes to a personalized and multi-track approach to music education, believing that students learn best when they understand the purpose behind the practice and are working towards goals that excite and interest them.

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